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SOUND - LIGHTING - VISUAL - PRODUCTION For corporate events and company parties

Audiovisual event production company in Athens

Our philosophy

We are not just a company providing technical solutions for corporate events. We aspire to be the maestro behind the scenes, creating experiences that captivate the audience.


We understand the significance of entertainment in the success of an event. With impressive presentations and original ideas, we craft moments that will be unforgettable. From stunning light shows to video mapping and interactive environments, our imagination knows no bounds.


However, the most crucial aspect is client satisfaction. We don’t just offer services; we build relationships. Our team dedicates time to understand your needs and provide personalized solutions. In the end, your smile and the success of your event are the most gratifying rewards for us.


If you’re looking for a company that embodies the essence of entertainment and genuine client satisfaction, SoundVoice is your next best partner for corporate events.

Sound Voice
Sound Voice - Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering

Everything starts with sound! The best sound for your event.

Sound Voice - Architectural/Branding Lighting

Architectural/Branding Lighting

The right lighting makes all the difference! We transform your space into a dreamlike setting

Sound Voice - LED Walls

LED Walls

Large screens for video projection in indoor and outdoor spaces

Other services

Music Music


The musical setting of the event, a means of experience and memory for your guests!

Special Effects Special Effects

Special Effects

The final touch on a canvas full of colors is always significant!

Dancefloor- Stage Dancefloor- Stage

Dancefloor- Stage

The center of attention of every event!

Special constructions Special constructions

Special constructions

Create the atmosphere you desire, utilizing the multiple solutions offered by special constructions!

Equipment rental Equipment rental

Equipment rental

Rent equipment to support an event or an entire period!

Photobooth Photobooth


The most entertaining keepsake for your event!

Why SoundVoice

0 Years


Because we have 20 years of experience in organizing corporate events and company parties, delivering the best music, sound, and lighting!


Because we have a total of 25,000 watts of sound and enough screens to fill the homes of a small village!

0 Watts
0 Corporate

Personal Care

Because we have satisfied over 285 corporate clients, many of whom have chosen to collaborate with us again!

Exceeding Expectations

Why do we often go the extra mile to surpass your expectations!

Selected Events

Events that stood out for their aesthetics and the level of creativity, preparation, and execution demanded.

Greek Tube Festival

Greek Tube Festival

During a two-day seminar full of energy and advice for optimal company presentation using social media tools.


Significant speakers showcased how...


Sound Voice
Sound Voice
Sound Voice
Sound Voice
Sound Voice
Sound Voice
Sound Voice


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