Greek Tube Festival

During a two-day seminar full of energy and advice for optimal company presentation using social media tools.


Significant speakers showcased how they promote their businesses, their services, and engage with their audience and clients from their perspective.

Sound Voice

Meetings, speeches, questions—a dynamic event that kept you captivated every second.


SoundVoice took care of, organized, and coordinated the event’s requirements in visuals, sound, lighting, and music, contributing to the energy of an explosive and creative gathering!


  • Ήχος Electrovoice
  • Κονσόλα ήχου Midas
  • Control εικόνας Roland
  • Microphones Shure
  • Φωτισμός Beam titan
  • Φωτισμός Par battery
  • Ενδοεπικοινωνία Πομποδέκτες
  • Εφέ Μηχανή καπνού
  • Podium Plexi glass podium
  • Support Truss systems
Sound Voice
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