The equipment rental service for professionals, collaborators, and businesses provides an immediate and convenient solution for obtaining temporarily the necessary equipment for their professional activities. This service has many advantages and caters to the needs of professionals and businesses, offering them the right equipment required for the smooth operation of their enterprises.

Sound Voice

Our equipment includes an extensive range of items capable of meeting every need. From large L-Acoustics sound systems to self-powered speakers for small events. Robotic fixtures, pin spots, and miles of garlands and fairy lights. The most modern DJ equipment, such as Pioneer CDJ3000, Pioneer Nexus 2, Pioneer DJM V10, and Pioneer DJM A9. Stage, dancefloors, and truss systems. These and many more items can be available for your short-term and long-term rental needs, extending even for the duration of an entire season.


Sound Voice

3 Common Questions

How can I find out about the range of your equipment?

How does the process work if I am interested in a longer-term rental?

Is it also possible to purchase equipment from you?

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