At events, special effects can include projections, lighting, fireworks, smoke effects, customized sound systems, moving elements, and other means that add theatricality and spectacle to the occasion.


Special effects provide the opportunity to create fantastical worlds, impressive action scenes, magical elements, and transport the audience into unique experiences that become unforgettable moments.

Sound Voice

Enhance the moments of your event, especially those where all eyes will be on you, by investing in a variety of visual effects.


Create dynamic moments in your presentation using cold fountains or smoke machines, making a distinct entrance in your presentation or the unveiling of your new products.


Sound Voice

3 Common Questions

What effects can be applied indoors?

Is all of this a bit excessive for a corporate event?

What exactly are these cold fountains?

Sound Voice - Stages – Dancefloors

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Stages – Dancefloors

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