The significance of the stage or dance floor at an event is crucial and deserves emphasis, as it serves as the central platform where artists and participants showcase their work and connect with the audience. It is the area where performances, speeches, musical acts, and dance displays take place, creating the magic of the event.


The design and appearance of the stage or dance floor contribute to the aesthetics of the event. A well-designed and professional stage creates an imposing image and enhances the visual perception of the audience.

Sound Voice

Create an appealing design that aligns with the theme of the event or the type of performance. You can add vibrant colors, patterns, or logos to create a distinct image.


Whether you want a more industrial character or a corporate look, the stage can take any form and host any type of event.


SoundVoice has extensive experience in corporate and social events, offering a wide selection of personalized setups and dance floors. Choose between the classic dance floor that serves as a dance stage and a vinyl-covered dance floor in the colors of your company with your logo!

Sound Voice

3 Common Questions

How much time is required to set up a dance floor or a stage?

If the ground is not level, a dance floor or stage can be set up safely?

Can we add carpeting on the stage?

Sound Voice - Special Constructions

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Special Constructions

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