Our company offers specialized screen rental services for all types of events and needs. Whether it’s for professional presentations or displaying videos or images to a large audience, our screens provide crystal-clear images and high-quality performance.

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A wide variety of televisions of different sizes and technical specifications are available for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Smaller screens are selected for professional presentations, while larger TVs are ideal for events where the display needs to reach a large audience.


Our technical team, with extensive experience in the field, will assist you in choosing the ideal television that will meet your needs and will professionally install the equipment. It is ensured that you will enjoy a flawless viewing experience during your event, as you will benefit from crystal-clear image quality and high-performance output.

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3 Common Questions

Can you assemble a large screen by adding multiple small screens?

Is it possible to simultaneously display the same content on multiple screens scattered throughout the space?

What is the essential difference between a screen and a projector?

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