Creating a unique and impressive atmosphere in a space requires careful lighting design and permanent installation. Undertaking this mission, SoundVoice is here to turn imagination into reality and transform your space into a magical world of lighting.

Sound Voice

The process begins with a detailed analysis of the space and your needs. We collaborate closely with you to understand the purpose of the space, the style you want to achieve, and the aesthetic approach you want to follow. Based on this information, we create a lighting study that precisely adapts to your needs and expectations.


Subsequently, we proceed with the installation of the lighting with great attention to detail. We use the most modern and reliable equipment, incorporating lighting fixtures, LED technology, and other options that will create a magical atmosphere. As the installation is permanent, we ensure the safety and reliability of the lighting system so that you can enjoy the transformation of your space for years.

Sound Voice

3 Common Questions

Do you conduct lighting study and installations in nightclubs?

Do you serve locations outside Athens?

How much time does it usually take to conduct a study and install lighting?

Sound Voice - Architectural/Branding Lighting

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Architectural/Branding Lighting

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