About our sound services

What kind of sound do I need for the event I'm planning?

Are all types of speakers equally effective for all events?

I want to host an event in a space where the sound may disturb the surrounding area. Is there a solution?

Do you conduct a study and installation of sound systems in nightlife venues?

Do you serve locations outside Athens?

How long does a study and installation of sound typically take?

About our lighting services

What is the ideal color for architectural lighting?

Is architectural lighting used indoors or outdoors?

Can I illuminate a space with the colors of my company?

Can entertainment lighting be installed in any space?

The corporate event I'm planning does not include dancing. Is there an application here?

Is it possible for Entertainment lighting to have the colors of our company's branding?

Do you conduct lighting study and installations in nightclubs?

Do you serve locations outside Athens?

How much time does it usually take to conduct a study and install lighting?

About our visual services

Do LED Walls have a specific viewing angle?

Do you create the graphics for the LED Walls?

What is the difference between an LED Wall and a regular screen?

Can you assemble a large screen by adding multiple small screens?

Is it possible to simultaneously display the same content on multiple screens scattered throughout the space?

What is the essential difference between a screen and a projector?

Do you have projectors that can display satisfactory images in daylight?

Why use a projector instead of an LED screen? What is the fundamental difference between them?

Can we project both videos (motion images) as well as photos and graphics (static images)?

About our music & special effects services

Which kinds of music can you cover?

Could you collaborate with a DJ or band of our own choosing?

I would like live music at my event, but how will I know what suits me best?

What effects can be applied indoors?

Is all of this a bit excessive for a corporate event?

What exactly are these cold fountains?

About our equipment rental & photobooth services

How can I find out about the range of your equipment?

How does the process work if I am interested in a longer-term rental?

Is it also possible to purchase equipment from you?

What options do you offer for Photobooth photo backgrounds?

How much space does it take, and how long does it take to install?

If we want the Photobooth to run longer than agreed, is that ok?

About our dancefloor-stage & special constructions services

How much time is required to set up a dance floor or a stage?

If the ground is not level, a dance floor or stage can be set up safely?

Can we add carpeting on the stage?

Do you create special constructions for both indoor and outdoor spaces?

If the ground is sloped, can you set up a special construction?

Can you give me some examples of special constructions?

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