At SoundVoice, dedicated to excellent service and top-notch quality, we craft unique experiences that stand out for your event. Through our expertise and innovation, we offer a rich variety of arrays and other specialized constructions that will captivate and impress your guests.

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Besides arches, we craft other specialized constructions perfectly tailored to the needs and style of your event. Inspired by your imagination and equipped with the latest trends and technologies, we create original solutions that will make a difference in your occasion.

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3 tips for brides to be


The wedding arch is a tried and wonderful approach to decorate outside the church if you’re having a religious ceremony. You can place it in front of the main entrance so that you and all your guests can walk under the arch, entering and exiting the church.

Bespoke Constructions

Create a custom structure for the DJ booth, incorporating lighting elements such as LED bars or LED strips to elevate the party experience. The visual spectacle you’ll create will impress everyone.

Bespoke Constructions

If you’re having a symbolic ceremony instead of a religious wedding, you can place the wedding arch at the spot where the ceremony will take place, serving as part of the venue’s decoration and providing a beautiful backdrop for all your photos during the ceremony.

Bespoke Constructions

3 common questions

Do you create special constructions for indoor and outdoor spaces?

If the ground is sloped, can you set up a special construction?

Can you provide me with some examples of bespoke constructions?

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