About our music services

Who will be the DJ at our wedding? Can we meet him before the event?

Ηow to ensure my song preferences are taken into account during the wedding?

How will the DJ handle guest song requests on the wedding day?

Can I combine a live band with a DJ?

Can you work with a band of our choice?

What genres of music can you cover?

About our lighting services

How many robotic lights will I need to elevate my wedding party?

Is it possible to install entertainment lighting in our own space, for example, in our garden?

I want entertainment lighting, but I don't like colorful lights. Is there an alternative?

What is the difference between string lights and fairy lights?

Can string lights and fairy lights be installed in our own space (e.g., in our home's garden)?

The cost of decorative lighting mainly depends on the area to be covered and the length of lights to be used, right?

What is the ideal color for architectural lighting?

Where are the pinspot lights placed for illuminating the tables?

Is the architectural lighting used in both indoor and outdoor spaces?

About our visual, sound & dancefloor services

How loud can the sound be at my wedding reception?

Does the number of required speakers depend on the number of our guests?

What will happen if one or more of your speakers 'blow out' during the event?

Where should the dancefloor be placed?

What is the appropriate size for my dance floor at the reception?

Is the dance floor necessary outdoors?

Can I do a slideshow with photos, or is it outdated as an idea?

What do you need from us for the monogram projection?

How long does the Laser show last?

About our effects, photobooth & bespoke constructions services

Can I have aerial fireworks in any venue?

What does smoke offer on the dance floor?

Do I have an alternative when fireworks are not allowed?

How much space is needed for the photobooth and how long does the setup take?

When is it best for the photobooth to operate?

If we want the photobooth to operate for more time than agreed, is that possible?

Do you create special constructions for indoor and outdoor spaces?

If the ground is sloped, can you set up a special construction?

Can you provide me with some examples of bespoke constructions?

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