Create an unforgettable experience for your guests by considering incorporating projection mapping onto the walls or space of your reception, featuring moving images and graphics that transport the atmosphere to another dimension. Project your monogram or create a unique laser show to elevate the party.

We’ll be by your side with a wide range of visual equipment to help bring your vision to life. Unique wedding effects to adorn your special evening

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Additionally, you can use LED screens for your projections and small or large monitors for your slideshows.

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3 tips for brides to be


In case of rain in an outdoor setting where tents will be set up, elevate the setup with projections onto the tents.


If you want an even more intense dance atmosphere at your wedding party, you can opt for a laser show combined with smoke.


To add a personalized dimension to your reception space, you can have a monogram projection on the dance floor or on a blank wall.


3 common questions

Can I do a slideshow with photos, or is it outdated as an idea?

What do you need from us for the monogram projection?

How long does the Laser show last?

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