The dancefloor is where your guests come together to dance, have fun, and create unforgettable memories.

A well-designed dancefloor should be beautiful and fetching, impressing and eliciting positive reactions from your guests. Regardless of the theme or style of the reception, dancing is the common denominator that brings people together and creates an atmosphere of liveliness and excitement.

The dancefloor is where moments of joy, dance, and liberation come to life. It’s an integral part of the fun and energy that radiates from a party. With a well-designed and impressive dancefloor, you’ll create an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests.

Sound Voice

At SoundVoice, we offer you a variety of dance floors including parquet, white with your monogram, and the unique black acrylic plexiglass, the only one in Greece. These come in dimensions that can cover anything from a small reception to a very large party, for indoor or outdoor use.

Sound Voice

3 tips for brides to be


Select the size of the dance floor based on the type of music you want to focus on. Circular or traditional dances definitely require more space and bigger dancefloor.


Choose a dance floor with a printed sticker to further express your character. Everyone will see that this particular dance floor has been created specifically for you.


Try to place the dance floor next to the bar and the DJ. With this simple move, you’ll give a big boost to the party, as guests will be more inclined to get up from their tables.


3 common questions

Where should the dancefloor be placed?

What is the appropriate size for my dance floor at the reception?

Is the dance floor necessary outdoors?

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