Enhance moments of your reception, especially those where everyone’s eyes will be on you, by investing in a variety of visual effects.

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Capture your entrance through fireworks, fountains, or vertical smoke effects, imprinting it both in the camera and the memory of your guests. Dο your first dance on a cloud, light up the sky with a fireworks show, or infuse your party with delightful fun using a bubble machine.

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3 tips for brides to be


Place non-flammable ground fireworks on the dance floor. Their ability to be used multiple times throughout the evening will immensely enhance the party atmosphere.


Prefer the dry ice effect indoors, as outdoors, in case of wind, its magic will be lost.


Choose CO2 machines for your party. It’s a type of smoke released with high intensity and speed, instantly dissipating. It will impress everyone!


3 common questions

Can I have aerial fireworks in any venue?

What does smoke offer on the dance floor?

Do I have an alternative when fireworks are not allowed?

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