80% of human perception comes from vision. With this as our foundation, at SoundVoice, we’ve been investing in both equipment and expertise for years to ensure that your event has impressive lighting. Specialized lighting technicians will design your special night, listening to your desires and offering you options beyond your imagination.

Sound Voice

The energetic lighting of the dance floor, featuring robotic fixtures, is complemented by disco balls and strobe lights.

Sound Voice

3 tips for brides to be


If you choose to use entertainment lighting for your wedding, you’ll have incredibly beautiful photos and videos, filled with vibrant colors and motion, and your guests won’t want to stop dancing.

Entertainment Lighting

It’s proven that robotic lights enhance the mood for dancing and parties. Consult your wedding lighting specialist to determine the ideal number of lights for your reception, based on your style, guest count, and dance floor size.

Entertainment Lighting

The mirror balls will take center stage on the dance floor and beyond. Due to their reflective effect, the party lights will be multiplied, sprinkling the entire space with the sparkling golden dust of disco.

Entertainment Lighting

3 common questions

How many robotic lights will I need to elevate my wedding party?

Is it possible to install entertainment lighting in our own space, for example, in our garden?

I want entertainment lighting, but I don't like colorful lights. Is there an alternative?

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