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At SoundVoice, we understand that your wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience, which is why we invest in the best Wedding DJs in our field. With years of experience in the event industry, our DJs are full of enthusiasm and energy and ready to offer their expertise to elevate your special day.

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The best thing about being a DJ is that you can make people happy. Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing someone get up from their chair to dance.


At SoundVoice, we invest in experienced DJs full of enthusiasm and energy who will elevate your unique day by listening to you and understanding the needs of your guests, whether it’s a wild party with dance music or a traditional Greek celebration or a mix of both.

With attention to detail and absolute respect for your musical tastes, our Wedding DJs will create a unique atmosphere for you and your guests. Regardless of the type of music you prefer – from wild parties with dance music to traditional Greek celebrations or a mix of both – our Wedding DJs will offer a personalized playlist that meets your needs and creates a magical atmosphere.

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3 tips for brides to be


Schedule a meeting with the wedding DJ you plan to hire to discuss your preferences and provide proper instructions on what you wish to be played at your wedding. This is crucial to ensure that the music aligns with the style and atmosphere of your wedding. It’s also important to establish the right chemistry, since the wedding DJ is “your guy” arguably one of the most crucial professionals you’ll choose, as they’ll be responsible for your and your guests’ entertainment throughout the evening.

Wedding DJs

Provide a sample list of your favorite songs to the DJ. A list of 40-50 tracks is sufficient for a professional to understand your style, categorize it for different moments throughout the evening, and enrich it. This way, you’ll ensure they comprehend your preferences. Extensive lists can disrupt the flow of the evening. You want the DJ to grasp the musical vibe you desire while allowing them creative freedom to “read” the crowd that night.

Wedding DJs

If practically feasible, position the DJ very close to the dance floor to encourage interaction with the dancing crowd. The DJ serves as the heart of the party, and ideally, people should see and engage with them. Often, the energy the DJ receives from an enthusiastic audience is amplified back to the crowd multiple times over.

Wedding DJs

3 common questions

Who will be the DJ at our wedding? Can we meet him before the event?

Ηow to ensure my song preferences are taken into account during the wedding?

How will the DJ handle guest song requests on the wedding day?

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